Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Roka Walsh - Photographer and Digital Artist

Roka Walsh
"A thing of beauty can evoke an emotional reaction within us
and cause us to feel at peace, even if just for a moment.
Therein lies the “why” for doing what I do.
I love finding beauty in the world and re-imaging it for you to see." – Roka
After a brief love affair with close-up photography in the 80’s, I hung up my camera – due to the prohibitive costs of film photography. I ventured into jewelry, fused glass, product illustration and graphic design – always looking for an outlet for my creative spirit. When quality digital photography surfaced I was inspired to again pick up the camera, this time armed with deep skills in PhotoShop.
I am primarily a nature photographer and I love to get very close to my subject. Although I sometimes leave my work untouched, I love to create art using my photographs as primary elements of design.  From to real-life depiction to the abstract, I use the camera to reveal the beauty and mysteries often hidden from the human eye, or to simply tell a story.

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