Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mari Livie - Fibers & Ceramics Artist

Mari Livie is wild about creating.  She’s been an artist since back when she was eating crayons and decorating herself with her baby food.  She was raised in the wilds of Alaska (though not by wolves), and has always drawn inspiration from that wilderness.  After a television free childhood, spent stitching her own fashions and wearing them out into the snow, she received her degree in Environmental Studies and Ceramics at University of Oregon.  
Currently, Mari is furiously working to generate an artistic cohesion between her two great loves, cloth and clay.  She draws inspiration from her two young children, her environmental studies background, and the natural world.  Although some of Mari’s work strikes upon environmental and social issues she is also intrigued with color and repetition, and often generates work to simply explore these phenomenon.

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