Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alison Shiboski - Fine Jewelry

  Alison is another guest artist at 2nd and Blair.  She has been a long standing participant in our annual holiday sale and this year she will be exhibiting in Betsy Wolfston's studio.  Her beautiful handmade fine jewelry is perfect for special occasions, with her line of wedding jewelry and focus on gold and fine gemstone jewelry.

Artist Statement

"I design and produce jewelry using precious metals and a variety of gemstones. We all seek to mark special occasions such as a weddings and anniversaries. I work in a personal manner to make designs that suit the occasions and the individuals.

I rely on traditions in form and function to guide me. Will a piece be comfortable to wear every day? Is it constructed of quality materials that wear well? This utilitarian approach is satisfying for me as the artist and for the recipient of my work.

I take delight that jewelry created from materials conceived in the earth generations ago will be worn and appreciated for generations to come.

My work is on display and available through the year at Next Twist in Eugene and The Real Mother Goose in Portland."

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